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X Buses in NE England    

We have been told....

In my region passes are accepted on - X1 - Middlesbrough to Newcastle,
X3/X4 - Loftus to Middlesbrough,
X66 - Middlesbrough to Darlington.

Bit further afield X2/X3 Sunderland to Newcastle. (Go - ahead),
X10 Middlesbrough to Newcastle (Go Ahead).

There is a X route from Darlington to Durham but cannot remember the number just at moment.

X93 - Middlesbrough to Scarborough/Whitby.
X56 - Easington to Middlesbrough.

In the section on 'X' routes for North East England, as from the beginning of April 2009 Go North East have introduced service X9, Newcastle - Middlesbrough. This service supplements existing service X10 but operates via Peterlee. Service X9 and X10 now provide a 30 minute service on common sections. Timetables available on their website www.simplygo.com