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11 - Birmingham Circular    

The Birmingham No 11 bus is a famous route as the information below from
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birmingham_Outer_Circle shows

The Birmingham Outer Circle is a roughly circular, 27 mile (43 km) bus route in Birmingham, England (a small section crosses into Sandwell). It follows the city's outer ring road, the A4040 with some small deviations.

Buses on the Outer Circle travel both clockwise (service 11C) and anti-clockwise (11A). Operated by National Express West Midlands usually with new Wrightbus Volvo double decker buses (Metrobuses are known to occasionally come onto the service). The number 11 is Europe's longest urban bus route and first came into existence in 1923. The route passes such landmarks as Cadbury's in Bournville, one of the world's largest chocolate factories. The service is run commercially.

A full circuit takes 2hrs and 20 minutes to complete, and the service carries 50,000 passengers each day. There are 272 bus stops. The route serves 233 schools, colleges or universities, 69 leisure and community facilities, 40 pubs, 19 retail centres and 6 hospitals. It also links some 15 commercial centres.

The route is also traversed, annually, by a cavalcade of vintage buses.

Copyright http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

Buses are every 10-20 minutes.

More details at http://www.travelwm.co.uk/ and at the National Express site here