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Go Ahead Group    

The bus industry is central in the UK’s public transport infrastructure and the continued growth of the Go Ahead Group. Each year, two third of all UK public transport journeys – 4.6 billion – are made by bus, and nine out of ten people live within seven minutes of a bus stop. This makes the bus the near-universally accessible starting point for public transport journeys.

It’s also where the Go-Ahead Group started in the late 1980s following the deregulation and privatisation of the UK bus industry. Today we have bus companies throughout the country, with particular expertise in heavily congested urban areas.

Bus travel will be critical to a more integrated, more effective public transport infrastructure in the UK. Our initiatives to increase the number of bus journeys include investment in new technology, ongoing partnerships with stakeholder organisations and better integration with other modes of transport, especially rail.

http://www.bluestarbus.co.uk (Southampton Area)
http://www.buses.co.uk (Brighton & Hove)
http://www.oxfordbus.co.uk (Oxford)
http://www.wdbus.co.uk (Wilts & Dorset)
http://www.islandbuses.info (Southern Vectis - Isle of Wight)
http://www.londoncentral.com (London)
http://www.londongeneral.co.uk (London)
http://www.metrobus.co.uk (Surrey)
http://www.simplygo.com (Go North East)